Planet Smoothie came to Liberty Interactive Marketing to increase brand awareness and new customer loyalty signups while also driving immediate foot traffic to twenty-five local stores. With a tight turnaround during the impending holidays which is typically the off-season, we launched an SMS ad campaign on social media channels that included Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. After 72-hours the ad campaign had gone viral across the social ad networks.

Within 72-hours of campaign launch:

  • 5,200+ Opted-In Loyalty Sign ups
  • 75% of In-store redemptions were new customers

Final campaign performance metrics (12 day campaign duration)

  • 24,400+ Opted-In Loyalty Sign ups and growing due to organic viral social ad growth
  • 77% new customers
  • 48% in-store redemption rate (Facebook 49%, Snapchat 48%)
  • $0.70 per Loyalty Sign up
  • 525k+ people reached
  • 586 post shares, 589 page likes

The campaign was such a success Facebook used it as a case study. Read the case study on Facebook >