Sundry is a high-end luxury women’s clothing brand with roots in large department stores such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. In partnership with Visible Factors, Liberty Interactive Marketing’s challenge was to grow Sundry’s newly launched online store in 2015. The goal was to increase revenue and transactions. In the beginning, their online store was generating less than $20k month and averaging less than 125 transactions. We launched initially on Google AdWords running Search, Shopping, and Display coupled with retargeting. Increasing an additional 97 sales transactions through the online store within 30 days. Within 60 days we launched Facebook advertising delivery ads to prospecting audiences and set up dynamic retargeting ads. Four months in, Sundry was seeing an additional 196 sales transactions.

A year later with only Facebook and Google driving traffic to the online store, sales transactions have increased 460% and online revenue has increased by 505% including a 95% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA).

We are excited to be continuing to grow the online store and help further their growth.