Jenni Kayne, a modern apparel and home decor design company, was looking for a digital marketing agency to partner with and manage their paid digital marketing channels. They had not experienced growth and were not seeing performance from existing paid advertising channels.  In partnership with Visible Factors, Liberty Interactive Marketing’s challenge was to grow Jenni Kayne’s Ecommerce revenue and transactions.

At the time, the only channels they had invested in were Google Ads and a retargeting network. Liberty Interactive Marketing recommended adding Facebook advertising into the mix to expand audiences and increase visibility. Through our ads management process, we revamped Google AdWords and Shopping, cleaned up the retargeting channel that was overspending without proper ROI created and executed a solid Facebook advertising strategy that launched one month after the engagement began.

When we took over ads management in August 2017, monthly revenue was $47,000 from $8,000 in advertising spend. Less than nine months later, managed advertising channels had tripled revenue and were generating 11 times return on ad spend.

Liberty Interactive Marketing’s ads management was such a success the company requested a growth plan and roadmap for increasing Ecommerce revenue by 5x through these channels.


Jenni Kayne

Modern apparel and home decor brand.