Holiday Advertising: Why Starting Early Is Good For Your Business

We’re seeing a trend across all ad platforms this year of people starting their holiday shopping and planning earlier than in years past. According to Google, as of June, 26% of US shoppers reported that their 2022 holiday shopping has started.

We saw with our own client base, people started searching for Halloween in July of this year, and this trend is continuing into the winter holidays. This means that, generally speaking, brands that start their holiday advertising in early October will do better than those that wait until November.

This also means that competition is even more fierce this year, which correlates to higher than average advertising costs (CPCs, CPMs, etc.). So it’s important to get your ads out there early and get that visibility before it gets extra “noisy” later in the year.

We’re also seeing that while most consumers are searching/researching/planning early for holiday, it is the boomers who are most often making the earliest purchases, knocking out their holiday shopping before the chaos of the season is upon us.

According to trend data from the Holiday and Mega Sale Days Report from Meta Foresight, 28% of Baby Boomers will make holiday purchases in October — compared to the 21% average across all age groups.

Quick Tips for Success (Google Ads)

  1. Review your budgets and bidding strategies
  2. Boost your audience strategy by adding and/or refreshing your customer lists
  3. Troubleshoot any issues with your product feed
  4. Use holiday-themed images and videos
  5. Entice shoppers with deals
  6. Stand out with shipping and fulfillment options (e.g. “Get it by, last day for ground”)
  7. Drive customer loyalty with app campaigns

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