Hello, friends! Please enjoy a quick, well-deserved break (on us) to calm your mind, relieve body tension and help you get back to making marketing magic.

Hello, friends! If you’ve stumbled upon this little corner of the internet, it might be for one or several of these reasons:

  • You received a pressure ball from our team at Liberty.
  • You’re looking to de-stress and relax.
  • You want to integrate relaxation into your daily routine.
  • You simply need a break.
  • You’re just curious.

No matter your reason, we’re thrilled to have you here today—and we hope you’ll return often. This page was created just for YOU!

Below, you’ll find a personalized video featuring a 15-minute routine tailored for the office environment. This session is designed to help you destress, relax, and revitalize. All you need is your office chair and the Liberty trigger point ball to get started. No excuses!

Meet your guide in today's routine and our good friend, Amy Mastrogiuseppe from MastroStretch,

A fervent advocate for personal health, Amy brings a wealth of expertise and a deeply personal commitment to wellness. Growing up in rural West Virginia, she turned her challenging circumstances into a springboard for change, choosing wellness over statistics and striving to empower others to take control of their own health. Her comprehensive background includes certifications in Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, StretchZone, and as an ACE Personal Trainer, among others. She’s the ideal coach to lead you in transforming your daily routine, given her extensive knowledge in body mechanics and myofascial techniques. Amy’s passion for helping others feel their best is matched only by her personal achievements, such as holding a plank for an impressive 7 minutes and 14 seconds! Join Amy for a session that’s not just about looking good, but feeling great and living a healthier, more energized life. Learn more.


Get Amy’s free 30-Day Mobility Workout of the Day Calendar

Amy’s 30-day mobility workout calendar is a comprehensive program designed to improve flexibility, joint mobility, and overall movement quality. Each day offers a different set of exercises targeting various muscle groups and mobility patterns. Follow the calendar diligently for a month to enhance your body’s range of motion and maintain optimal physical function.

Get Amy’s Free 30-Day Mobility Workout Calendar