Pinterest Will Be Launching Search Ads Including Keyword and Shopping Campaigns

Get ready for the option to run product search ads on Pinterest if you are a brand that is advertising through Kenshoo’s marketing platform. The announcement has advertisers excited, seeing as Pinterest earns more than 2 billion searches per month, and the majority of images on the site are for products and services that people want.

This is a great opportunity to create more awareness for your brand. Here’s why:

Oh, and did we mention?

Along with Search Ads on Pinterest, marketers will be offered new targeting and reporting options. Many marketers are eager for the potential that lies in the targeting settings, since the nature of the website makes it easy to gain insights on what users are passionate about and interested in based on their data.

As with Google and Facebook advertising, the key to success will be in figuring out how to stand out from the vast amount of content on the network:

Key Takeaway:

It’s important to always be testing your creative to determine the right imagery and messaging that works for your brand. What works on Pinterest may be different from what works for you on Google, Bing, Facebook, or Instagram.

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