Online Sales are Forecast to Top $96 Billion This Holiday Season

Key Takeaway:

This is up from last year’s $82 billion spent between last November and January. (Stat Source: Deloitte)

Make sure the user experience is flawless both on desktop and mobile devices, especially if you have an ecommerce business. You’d be surprised what’s slowing your website down or causing issues for the end-user.

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Key Takeaway:

People are interacting with your brand online way before they decide to step foot in your store. (Stat Source: Deloitte)

Take the time to develop your brand strategy. Be consistent. Stay top-of-mind with remarketing campaigns. Do everything you can to set yourself apart from your competitors as well as offer competitive pricing and offers to get those customers through the door this holiday season.

Key Takeaway:

This is according to an analysis of 450 million online sessions conducted. (Stat Source: NetElixir)

We’re not talking 30% of people looking for deals, or comparing prices, even though that is also happening all the time on mobile devices. A full 30% of online purchases are happening on smartphones. That’s not a small number. The bottom line is that a mobile-responsive website is simply not cutting anymore. Especially if you’re in ecommerce, you need a mobile site that can handle the entire buyer journey.

Key Takeaway:

So don’t get discouraged if you see your search ads performing at much higher rates and wonder why your display ads aren’t matching. (Stat Source: Sizmek)

It’s important to understand and search and display advertising each work in entirely different ways, and therefore have different benchmark statistics.

Key Takeaway:

Initial forecasts predicted this would happen in 2019, but statistics show an even more aggressive online advertising trend which pushed the timeline up two years. (Stat Source: PwC)

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