One-Fifth of US E-Commerce Spending Is Now On Mobile

Key Takeaway:

This is the largest share mobile has ever taken on e-commerce spending, and is based on Q3 2016 data which showed that US digital commerce spending totaled $84.3 billion. (Stat Source: comScore)

If you haven’t adjusted your paid search budgets to spend a decent chunk on mobile specific campaigns, it’s about time you make the switch. On top of that, it would be wise to make sure that everything from landing pages all the way through to the purchase provides the user with a good experience overall. Meaning, they can easily navigate and even purchase on mobile without hitting snags like slow load times or errors. Ensuring a great mobile experience on your website will naturally help with organic search, too.

Key Takeaway:

As we hit peak holiday travel season, consumers are booking flights, hotels and cars like they’re going out of style.

An interesting point of data in this study is that most consumers noticed travel ads more at the beginning of their research decision than at the end, 66% as compared to 19%. (Stat Source: Expedia Media Solutions)

And since one would presume they are actually seeing the same amount of ads throughout their process, this data likely means they are simply more open, and influenced by, ads that they see in the beginning of their research as compared to the end.

Key Takeaway:

Don’t ignore your content and SEO strategies through the holiday season. Remember it typically takes a mix of digital marketing tactics that are different for every business, to maximize profits and reach your unique business goals. (Stat Source: Yahoo Advertising)

Key Takeaway:

Make sure you have new customer incentives that provide real value to both you and the customer, something as simple as ‘enter your email for 10-15% off’ is a great way to capture email addresses which can then be used in your advertising targeting. Also, it’s important to highlight what makes you different from your competitors. (Stat Source: RJ Metrics)

(Stat Source: AdGooroo)

Key Takeaway:

That means you should have your Cyber Monday paid search strategy created and implemented by now! Don’t miss out on potential revenue by procrastinating and not having your advertising in place before the holiday season begins.

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