Video Creation at Scale: How to Make Videos Quickly With this AI Video Maker

See how I used AI video maker, to create a quick video in under 5 minutes with nothing more than a theme.

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Here’s a quick video that I made with VEED’s VideoGPT in less than 5 minutes. Go to the MyGPT’s marketplace and find VideoGPT by VEED and then go to start a new conversation with that GPT and it automatically gives you this prompt. So what’s the theme?

0:26 I did AI in advertising and then it said fantastic choice, it’s a compelling topic, here are a few questions that I need you to answer.

0:36 I filled out these questions and then it produced a kind of a miniature summary of a creative brief, like we’re going to try to create a 10-second video that introduces the role of AI in advertising in a friendly, approachable and progressive tone. So that’s what I gave it as far as my brand tone goes. Then based on my questions, who my target audience was, and my goal of the video. They gave me a proposed script, you know, nothing too earth shattering here, but again, you can edit all of this.

1:20 They tell you what they plan to do, and then you let them know, if that all sounds good, then create my video. And so then they create the video for you with everything, and I’m going to show you what that looks like.

1:34 Once you click on this short video, it’ll bring you into the VEED UI. And if you’re not already a member, you will need to subscribe if you need to edit anything, or I think it’s free to download.

1:49 I was able to download it. But so in this case, there’s a couple clips that I want to switch out, which are really easy to do.
1:56 For instance, you know, let me just play the video for you, so you can hear it. “Are you ready to revolutionize your advertising game? With AI, we can unlock targeted strategies that will blow your mind. Say goodbye to generic ads and hello to personalized content that connects with your audience. And the best part? Real-time analytics that give you instant insights into your campaign’s performance. The future is collaborative and we’re diving headfirst into innovation. So why wait? Join us today and let’s take your advertising to the next level.”

2:34 In this case, there’s a couple clips that I’d want to switch out. You know, specifically this last one, is featuring the wrong kind of currency for us. I’m just picking out certain things that would make the visuals a little bit more relevant. You’re going to come over here to the media and you can search, come into the stock videos and just search, you know, online food order and it’s going to give you some options for clips. I have already selected one. I’m going to pull that in from here. And then you can just shrink down the size that you want it to be.

3:29 To match that clip length. So let’s match that right up. Perfect. And then I’m going to bring that one down here. And delete out the old one. And bring that over just a little bit more. Let’s look at that last part. So that’s more aligned with our visuals. Maybe I would switch out some of these other clips as well to be move more relevant to my target audience, so the visuals are, you know, just more relevant, right? That’s what you’re trying to do, but honestly in about under five minutes, you know, I have a narrative, I have a short script, and I have more.

4:32 multiple clips to engage the user, and all I have to do is make a couple edits, so you can edit the scripts, I haven’t totally delved into the world of becoming an expertise, an expert in VEED, but the learning curve of being able to switch out elements and s- and editing is really was tremendously easy and so I think the learning curve for your creative teams would be very minimal, um because it has, you know, basically all the same elements as any video edit creator.

5:04 It’s just faster and there’s a whole library [of media and elements] brought up to you. Super easy to use, highly recommend it. Let me know if you’re using it, if your teams aren’t using it, it’s a great way to scale video quickly. You can upload your own avatars, and your own media, and even a brand kit. So there’s really a lot of great things.

5:36 Let me know if you use it. I would love to hear how you’re exploring these ai video maker tools.

Here’s the final product, there are still many things I would switch out to make it more relevant to my target audience but all-in-all it was very easy to use. Learn more about what you can do with VEED.

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