Instagram Just Rolled Out An Algorithm-Based Feed Similar To Facebook’s News Feed

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This means it might get a lot harder for your brands’ posts to be seen on this popular photo-sharing network. Before the update, photos were shown in reverse chronological order. Now, the algorithm “places the photos and videos it thinks users will find most appealing regardless of when those posts were originally shared.” (Stat Source: Instagram)

Depending on how active your brand is on Instagram, this could mean significant repercussions for your bottom line. Based on the figures, many big brands have increased their presence on the channel in the past year. In fact…

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The reason brands are posting on Instagram is simple. Consumers are engaging with the brands. (Stat Source: Simply Measured)

In fact, the study shows that, among the 100 large companies that were surveyed…

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We predict that Instagram advertising will soon become similar to Facebook advertising, and advise you to keep up to date with the latest announcements coming from Instagram regarding these changes. This will keep you ahead of your competitors.

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The whole ad blocking topic has been buzzing for about a year or so now. At first, advertisers freaked; a fairly natural reaction to such news. But it ultimately resulted in the opportunity to open up a conversation between consumer and advertiser to figure out how to improve the advertising experience. (Stat Source: Association of National Advertisers)

It is our duty as marketers and advertisers to try to create an experience for the consumer that is valuable to them, and conveys the spirit of the brand while at the same time meeting the overall defined goals and objectives.

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If you don’t yet use Shopify to sell your products online, they help companies sell products on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. However, the company announced yesterday that it is expanding its offering to allow merchants on its platform to sell on the niche networks Ebates, Houzz and Wanelo. (Stat Source: Internet Retailer)

But there’s more: Shopify is now also allowing developers to begin building new sales channels for Shopify for the many apps, platforms and marketplaces where your customers spend their time.

If you need help getting started with integrating and managing Facebook advertising with Shopify, contact us today and tell us your marketing woes – we’re here to help you figure it out together.

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