We are a paid digital advertising agency specializing in local intelligence marketing with a focus on location-based businesses like multi-unit restaurant groups. We have core expertise in search marketing, social advertising and programmatic advertising. In short, if it has a screen, we buy on it. But, what makes us different?

To drive truly measurable results we take a holistic and omni-channel approach that maps audiences to the proper channels and reaches audiences at the stage of their buying journey. We show you which advertising dollars are driving customers through your doors and we help you understand your customers better.

We aren’t just your vendor, we are your partner and an extension of your team. Ongoing transparency and timely communication are something we take very seriously. We are accountable—your success is our responsibility.

Process & Strategy

We’ll start with an audit and evaluation of your accounts—or if they don’t exist yet we’ll build your strategy. We’ll discuss your goals and what you’re trying to achieve and with whom. Then, we’ll start producing results.

Our process includes the following:

  • Account Audit & Evaluation
  • Audience Insights Research
  • Channel Strategy
  • Account Structure
  • Asset Recommendations
  • Testing & Optimization

Core Expertise

The right mix of media comes second to a solid media strategy that meets your goals and objectives. That’s where we start first.

  • Search Ads – Google Ads (including YouTube, Shopping, Display, Mobile), Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing)
  • Social Advertising – Meta Advertising (Instagram/Facebook Advertising), TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat
  • Programmatic Media (Mobile, Display, Native, Video/Audio, Streaming/OTT, DOH, Direct Mail)
  • Location-Based Audience & Device Targeting (such as Waze, yelp, nextdoor, and other location-based advertising platforms)

Paid Ads Management

Most digital advertising campaigns, including search marketing and social advertising, have a poor ROAS (return on ad spend). This is largely due to inadequate strategy (or no strategy at all), and lack of organization, targeting and structure. Also, applying the same methodologies across ad platforms typically diminishes success.

Let us help. Our proven success in digital advertising campaign management maximizes every dollar you spend.

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Our media and paid ads management services include:

  • Omni-channel digital media strategy
  • Account and Campaign Strategy
  • Competitive review and analysis
  • Account setup including organization and structure
  • Ongoing ad creation
  • Retargeting strategy and list/audience creation
  • Landing page and A/B testing
  • Cross-platform knowledge of the best tools and ad formats—creating ongoing opportunities for performance impact
  • Active daily management
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Monthly status calls

Customer Data Insights

By reaching the right customers at the right time helps drive action, be it online or in-store. We invest in a variety of data partners to help inform advertising and make it more efficient.

We do this through:

  • Geospatial and location-based audience insights
  • Closing tracking and targeting gaps
  • Understanding where customers are coming from through data analytics
  • Targeting competitor visitors and customers through paid media
  • Reviewing the efficiency of the marketing and how beneficial it is
  • Location based media that is customized to your needs and data availability

Digital Measurement

Data is our best friend—we live for it. Through digital measurement, tracking and reporting data, our insights help you make actionable improvements to advertising, marketing and customer experience. Our digital ads management team specializes in data analysis. We continuously test and optimize your plan across all elements, monitoring often for effectiveness.

Actionable. Efficient. Powerful.

  • Device Location & Movement
  • In-Store & Behavioral Lift
  • Multi-touch Attribution

Reporting & Analysis

Reports That Are Easy to Digest
Our performance and reporting system makes it easy to understand the data and is customized to the key performance metrics relevant to your companies’ goals and objectives.

Performance Metrics Key to Your Goals
You’ll have an online dashboard with key metrics relevant to your goals, and at the end of every month you’ll receive an executive summary report including key takeaways and key metrics, optimization activities, recommendations and insights across your campaigns and website.

What we’ll do to get you the right KPIs:

  • Work with you to establish a plan for tracking performance goals and a process for status changes
  • Evaluate key metrics for tracking across various channels
  • Set up and implement tracking for macro-conversion events such as e-commerce sales funnels and revenue, leads, opportunities and customers
  • Set up and implement tracking for micro-conversion events such as video views, downloads, email signups
  • Integrate with new or existing CRM and CDP systems
  • Integrate with new or existing email service providers (ESPs) and loyalty programs
  • Help you understand and determine cost per lead (CPL), lifetime value of a customer (LTV), marketing contribution to sales pipeline, ROI/ROAS and MER
  • Provide you with a customized monthly executive summary that allows for easy evaluation of success or improvement, along with recommendations for next steps and best practices