Back-To-School Spending Expected To Reach $75.8 Billion, Up 11% From Last Year

Key Takeaway:

Make sure you’re stocked on all your most popular products, and get some last-minute back-to-school deals in the hands of your customers if you haven’t done so already! (Stat Source: National Retail Federation)

And while we are on the subject of back-to-school deals, here’s another stat.

Key Takeaway:

Advertise your deals online. It can be as simple as a Google Search Network text ad that let’s your potential customers know about the deal you’re offering this season. (Stat Source: Synchrony Financial)

This is double the share of email (24%), which is the 2nd preferred method. As for other ways to get in touch, just a small fraction of people say that texting (3%) and social media (2%) is their preferred method of reaching customer service. (Stat Source: The Northridge Group)

Key Takeaway:

Don’t ignore your phone support. Sure, we’re a digital marketing agency, and as such we help clients boost their online presence. However, part of digital marketing is getting a good, high-level view of how your business works as a whole: looking at all of your processes and technologies, and using the data to help you fine-tune your strategy to reach your business goals and objectives.

Beyond just deleting an app, “85% of mobile media users across 8 countries report having taken some type of app-related action as a result of concerns over their privacy and security.” (Stat Source: Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Key Takeaway:

Privacy counts. If you take the time to make an app, make sure you invest the time to make it secure, too, and make sure your customers know what you’ve done to ensure their privacy.

This is well below last year’s success rate of 79%. Emails in other countries are getting through at a higher-rate, with Australia topping the list at 90% of emails delivered to the inbox. (Stat Source: Return Path Analysis)

Key Takeaway:

Scrub your email lists. Make sure you are following email marketing best practices of TODAY, not a few years ago. These things change all the time and you need to be on top of your game if you expect great results.

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