Content Marketing Trends Your Business Should Be Focusing On

Contently recently released their quarterly issue, For the Love. If there is one thing you should read this week, its this publication. Here are few key points we felt were highly relevant to our customers and their businesses.

Four Content Marketing Battlefronts

Businesses should be conquering these four content areas in the coming year. (Find this on page 3 – The Publisher’s Note)

1. The Brand Publishing Arms Race – to recruit better talent and tell better stories. Here, here!

2. Truth in Advertising and the question of whether brands are going to proudly own their content, or revert to devious tricks.

3. Audience and the rise (and risks) of platforms that are trying to get more eyeballs in front of branded content.

4. The Numbers game in which brands will need to completely rethink publishing metrics and how to tie them to business results.

Three Content Formats About to Take Off (and be Abused)

Read full article on page 13

1. Video and Animation
Interactive brand stories drive engagement – if done right.

“When you have devices like video and animations to use, a brand’s personality – and the emotion of the story – can be more clearly communicated. The more interactive, personalized, multi-layered, shoppable, and engaging your content, the more time a consumer will spend within the experience, it’s in the [metrics].” – Renee Osgood

2. Branded Documentaries
They aren’t radio with pictures. The story must be the forefront, not the sale. Don’t make online and afterthought to bringing stories and articles to life. If you are filming interviews, find a way to propel the story by including “activities and drama that justifies telling the story through video, as opposed to another medium.” – Ryan Spanger

3. Personalized Experiences
Avoiding the creepy to get to the cool. Find a personalization strategy that gives customers an experience that benefits them, no just your bottom line.

“The [customer information] that marketers need to capture in order to create a tailored and delightful experience for their customers is the very information that their customers are increasingly worried about providing.”- Scott Robinson

Remember: The key is to focus on long-term success, not on the tactical.

Built a strategy that is backed by marketing objectives, this is the best way to ensure your marketing effectiveness and overall success.

“Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.” – Joe Pulizzi

To read the full issue of For the Love, click here.

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